Module 1 : Crave with Your Spirit

You’ve made it. A place of growth and healing. A place to retake your God-given power and rediscover your God-given identity after Narcissistic Abuse.


Breaking Chains.
Straightening C.R.O.W.N.S.

Unit Introduction

1. The Right to Choose

2. Learning from Regrets

3. Dream Again

4. Invite God to Show Your Your Heart

5. Writing a Letter to Future Self

Welcome to Module One!

Abuse Education

Christ came to preach a gospel of freedom. To free the captive. To raise us from slaves to beloved children of the Kink and heirs to the Kingdom. The words from His mouth were our royal anointing. Crowns for the Kingdom.

Yet… His words have been taken, forged into chains, and used to bind us to abuse.

It’s time to rediscover the heart of God for women. Time to trade the law of Moses for the law of Love. Break those chains with truth. Reclaim our crowns as Daughters of the King!


Breaking the Chains of Spiritual Abuse

Bonus Meditations

For the Brain Science Geeks

Bonus Recommended Resource List