Heart Chained to Abuse?

Reclaim your powerful, God-Given IDENTITY after emotional and spiritual abuse.

"Do you think the God-who-saves wants His words used to chain women to abuse? Why does a Gospel of Identity as Heirs of God apply to everyone EXCEPT wives? His words aren't chains. They are crowns." - Jessica Ghigliotti

Are you a Christian woman hurting from emotional and spiritual abuse?

Here's the truth: Healing from an abusive marriage is likely the hardest thing you will ever do. Especially if it was covert narcissistic abuse. Choosing to get safe and get healthy is only the first step. Rebuilding a life, picking up the shattered pieces and creating something new is a ridiculous feat... For the nonbeliever. But for Christian women? Well, you'd think it would be easier, right? Because we have Christ fighting our battles for us. We should be able to rest, knowing the battle is already won. But that's not the reality for most Christian women struggling through, to leave, or after leaving abusive marriages. The reality is that it's often infinitely harder for Christian women. We face additional trauma from spiritual abuse. We face gaslighting from church. We face shunning from our Christian community. We face confusion and guilt over whether choosing ourselves is betraying God. Many of us lose our faith in the process.

Jessica teaches you to step into your powerful, God-given Identity... And turn those chains to CROWNS.

C. - Let your Soul Crave
R. Restore your Identity
O. - Overcome the Past
W. - Embrace Weakness
N. - Nurture what is Growing
S. - Surrender the Outcome.

 Jessica Ghigliotti. Certified Life Coach.  Author. Mom.  Divorced.  Advocate.

Daughter of the King. fighting for my sisters’ crowns.