God Hates Divorce – a poem

God Hates Divorce.

I think our marriage needs some help. He doesn’t treat me right.

Well do you give him all the sex he’s wanting, every night?

The things he says are cruel and harsh. I cannot live this way.

Be more like Jesus! (lest you be judged.) Forgive him everyday.

I’m scared to breathe; whatever I do is never good enough. 

Your fear is of the devil. Cast it out with perfect love.

I always seem to disappoint, and dread each coming fit.

Try harder to please him in all things. You are his wife. Submit.

I’ve lost all sight of who I am. My identity was shelved.

That’s good! Become whatever he wants. Good Christians “die to self.”

But sometimes I just want to be me, to do what I want as well!

Oh now we see what’s really wrong, you have the spirit of Jezebel.

I feel I have no voice. I have needs. He doesn’t care.

Just focus on serving him. This is your cross to bear.

Then there’s the porn and lies, and seeing other women. 

You anger God to gossip! Why are you sharing his private sin? 

(Besides, as we all really know, his sin is truly yours.

For if you kept him satisfied, he wouldn’t walk through other doors.)

It really is a pattern. He does the same things again and again…

Wow you are a bitter soul! Never bring up past sin.

Then there are the times he forces sex against my wishes.

There’s no such thing as rape in marriage, your body now is his.

He really does some hurtful things. Our home life is a wreck.

Take that beam out of YOUR eye before talking about his speck.

Yes I have sins, but his are more than specks… I’ve been through it!

Well, he’s not really sinning like you. The devil made him do it.

I fight back tears throughout the day, and sob most every night.

Your suffering is how God wants to lead his heart to Christ.

I feel so broken down. I don’t know what to do.

I prayed and God told me this is exactly what He wants for you.

I’m truly at my breaking point. It has to change. It must.

How shocking that you call yourself a Christian, but don’t trust!

(We don’t!) But if we believed abuse exists, well you deserve it.

We pray for your poor husband, who we know is a true servant.

For shame, to suffer such a wife! So bitter and defiant.

Repent of your wicked ways! Be obedient and compliant.

Now go back to your husband. There’s no escape. Of course.

For God says destroying wives is fine… But God Hates Divorce.

-Jessica Ghigliotti